28 май, 2024

Are you an experienced Front-end Developer with a passion for supporting people and standardizing processes? Do you want to work on projects that are at the heart of the latest trends in green tech? Keep reading…
All about the role

Join our team in creating the ultimate fleet management solution from the ground up! Together, we’ll build a robust, secure, and scalable system that prioritizes availability. We’ll take a forward-thinking approach to define and execute the design and development process in iterations, and leverage the latest web technologies to deliver an unmatched user experience.

What we are primarily looking for is a track record of building things that work and passion to make a better product.

We’re counting on you to:

  • Implement significant portions of code, ensuring established standards of quality for documentation and coding.
  • Anticipate and resolve issues and problems that arise, suggesting alternative approaches and solutions.
  • Assist with high-level analysis of UI/UX and able to identify gaps in requirements and proactively seek clearance and refinement.
  • Break down features into easy to estimate tasks and take them through all their stages in a predictive manner with attention to details.
  • Identify opportunities for improving both the software and the development methodologies and procedures.
  • Continuously discover and evaluate new technologies for implementation in order to maximize development and product efficiency.

Core Requirements

  • Proven hands-on experience with building web applications from idea concept till production.
  • 5+ years of front-end development, most if not all of it, using TypeScript to build Single Page Applications.
  • In-depth knowledge and solid experience with HTML5, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, Typescript.
  • Experience with React will be considered as a plus but we are open to people with skills in other frameworks.
  • Good understanding on how the web works and the different ways of communication between the browser and the server.
  • Optimisation in application development – speed, scalability, security, capability.
  • Practical experience in Test-Driven Development and Unit testing (Jest, Cypress, etc.).
  • Good understanding of Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming and design patterns (Factory, Strategy, MVC,MVVM, Singleton, etc.).
  • Some backend experience in creating or maintaining RESTful APIs is a plus.