28 май, 2024


● Minimum 10 years working experience in software development
● Must be an all-around expert with NodeJS or .NET, including the latest frameworks
● Mastery of at least one frontend technology: Angular, React or Vue
● Experience with Python, Golang or Java is a plus (used in a few projects but not considered “main”
technologies at Arcanys)
● Experience architecting scalable systems
● Solid experience with AWS or Azure, preferably with some serverless knowledge
● Good knowledge of DevOps
● Solid written and verbal communication skills in English (our clients are mostly from overseas)


● Act as part-time CTO in (1-3) projects, with the following expectations: Interact with product owners to
improve and translate requirements into realistic features; Review architecture regularly; Handle code
reviews and coach developers; Handle ad-hoc complex matters (possibly coding, devops matters, etc).
● Help Arcanys with the continuous improvement and development of its teams, in particular: Participate in
occasional recruitment activities (exam reviews and if there is interest, participate in interviews); Handle
occasional research on newest frameworks and technologies to help improve Arcanys training plans;
Participate in training and mentoring of more junior developers
● Note: We are looking for a high level software developer. We are not interested in someone who has mainly
moved to project management and leadership roles and does not work with code anymore (well… We do
hire people with project management background, but then find the Project Manager or Scrum Master
positions and apply there).

The Perks:

● Long-term work from home + allowances – we let you work from the comfort of your home + amazing
allowances you get to enjoy!
● Flexible working schedule. You can choose your working hours (within reason).
● 25 days of paid vacation leaves
● Additional health and dental insurance
● Regular salary increases based on performance (at every 6 months)
● Employee Referral Program
● Flat management style and open-door policy – no micromanagement and your voice is being heard


Apply at: [email protected]