10 август, 2022

We deal with Information Security in its auditing and compliance role for enterprises of all sizes.

We are the first, and so far, the only QSA Company in Bulgaria, with a vast international clientele. We are focused on providing PCI DSS assessment services to merchants and service providers alike.

We are looking for an Information Security Auditor, or a system or network administrator, a DevOps practitioner, that wants to enter the Information Security field and ultimately become a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). So, you’d ideally have had some hands-on experience with the following:

– A good understanding of how networks work (OSI Model, addressing, etc.)
– How firewalls, routers, switches work
– Read and understand firewall rule-sets
– Understand switch and router configs
– Understand how VLANs and other segmentation controls work (logical and physical)
– How remote access technologies work
– Understand the flow of (credit card) data throughout the network
– Understand encryption, what is RSA, PKI and how TLS works
– Understand what Information Security Governance is, the difference between Policies, Procedures and Standards

Don’t know some of the above? Don’t worry. What is important is your willingness to put yourself into it and come out knowledgeable and proficient in these matters. The person we are looking for must be literate, responsible, and energetic. We expect them to take responsibility for all tasks in a timely and meaningful manner; not to worry about asking questions and listening to any forthcoming advice given, not needing constant supervision; to be ready to do more than what they have been asked.

Is it hard to work with us? Quite… there is no democracy in the office, but there are no bosses either. The only hierarchy with us is the professional one.

Your professionalism with us will shine brightly if you are:

– Proficient in English
– Highly organized person
– Capable of prioritizing and multitasking
– Flexible and with good attention to detail
– Positive and with can-do attitude
– Already in possession of any Information Security certificate (CISA, CISM, CISSP, ISO27K LA/LI, etc.)

In return for your important role with us we will:

– Pay you accordingly
– Put you in a really friendly environment
– Let you work from home (whenever possible)
– Let you keep a flexible schedule
– Give you access to the recreation and relaxation zone

We are looking for a person, not a profession.

Send your Cover Letter and CV in English. We would be delighted to receive a letter written specifically for us, not a standard resume sent to hundreds of employers. Your Cover Letter should mention why you would like to join our company and how your experiences and skills match our current opening.

By applying for this job, you voluntarily agree to provide personal information. Any personal data that you provide will be processed in strict confidentiality by 7Security Ltd. solely for the purposes of selection and recruitment and will not be transferred to other data controllers unless required by law. Your personal data with us shall be stored, processed, retrieved and deleted in accordance with the GDPR.


Apply at: t.klyasova@7sec.com